Integrating Technology To Drive Efficiency

More than just a building

We are building sustainable communities through the use technologies that allow your home to communicate with, and be managed by, your mobile device. The building industry hasn’t evolved for the past 100 years, while every other industry has incorporated modern technology to be more efficient, commercial construction has effectively flatlined. It’s time we catch up!

Help make our SmartUnits net-zero!

To achieve sustainable attainable communities we need to educate our residents on their energy consumption and properly incentivize them. We can do a good job building an energy efficient building but without resident engagement and help, the results will always be limited. The answer is a team approach!

Generating Power

iUnit will play a key role in the new SmartGrid and will build its communities to function as MicroGrids, able to generate and store energy.

Building MicroGrids

A majority of the power generated from our power plants never gets used. We have a dated energy grid that is essentially designed and sized for about a 100-hour yearly peak. By designing our buildings to be able to produce and store energy, we are able to relieve the power grid to make the system more reliable and also reduce the need to build new power plants.

In order to make this possible our buildings have to be smarter by integrating technology and complex software. That is the goal of our company, to solve this problem and build a solution that will create MicroGrid ready buildings.