A smarter way to live

We are building sustainable communities, where cutting-edge technology intersects with sustainable building practices.

Building Sustainable Communities

We believe in order to effect change, we must empower people to take action. With iUnit, we have developed a modern building practice that uses cutting-edge technology and sustainable building practices that allow users to take action and make smart living choices in their daily lives.

Building Process for SmartUnits

iUnit communities value the effects of our building process as much after the building is completed as during construction. All of our living spaces are built in a controlled factory environment which means the materials that go into our buildings haven’t been exposed to water, snow or ice before they become part of the permanent structure. This translates to better air quality for our users, and a higher efficiency and more sustainable building process.

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Assembled in a factory setting Delivered to jobsite Lifted into place A connected iUnit™

Our Goal: Sustainable Attainable Communities

If half of new commercial buildings were built to use 50% less energy, it would save over 6 million metric tons of CO2 annually for the life of the buildings—the equivalent of taking more than 1 million cars off the road every year. Approximately 40% of carbon emissions are due to the construction industry. We can do better. By building more efficiently and incorporating modern technology into each unit, we have the platform needed to consistently achieve Net Zero.

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Every iUnit floor plan is thoughtfully designed with the end user in mind. Although the spaces are small in square footage, they are rich in design. From kitchens with ample storage and counter space, to barn doors which add a modern and functional aesthetic. Each SmartUnits comes with nine-foot ceilings and large windows to increase natural light, as well as modern bathroom fixtures and finishes. Each SmartUnits comes equipped with cutting-edge technology straight out of the factory so that our buildings are connected and efficient.

iUnit is part of the new Smart Grid

iUnit communities are smarter than you think. They will act as microgrids being able to produce and store energy allowing the grid to function more efficiently and reliably.

As technology and alternative power sources continue to expand, iUnit communities are constantly incorporating the latest technologies in our developments to be part of the new smart grid and reduce our carbon footprint. Our next development will include a battery system to reduce peak demand, power our DC infrastructure and be a back-up power source.

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Knowledge is Power

If a Prius didn’t have a dashboard inside the car educating the driver on how their driving behavior is affecting the efficiency of the vehicle, the Prius would not be as energy efficient. We believe the same to be true for buildings. By educating and engaging our community members with our iUnit app, we believe buildings could be 10-20% more energy efficient.

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